Helen Parrish Papers, Diaries, 1888, vol. 1

Date created 1888
Creator Parrish, Helen L.
Size 46
Type Manuscripts; Diaries
Subjects African Americans--Housing--Pennsylvania--Philadelphia | Housing rehabilitation--Pennsylvania--Philadelphia | Immigrants--Housing--Pennsylvania--Philadelphia | Public housing--Pennsylvania--Philadelphia | Social settlements | Slums | Tenement houses--Pennsylvania--Philadelphia | Working class--Dwellings | Labor movement--Dwellings | Labor--Dwellings | Parrish, Helen L., 1859-1942
Language English
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Transcription [Page 1] Sunday July 1st. 1888 Called in the [Derby?] to meet Mrs. D’s mother Luisa Williams, a charming old lady from Media and her [Mrs. D’s) daughter Teresa. Felt it would have a good influence over the D.O for use to [?]. Spoke to Father about his reach being so far back. He says he has left the money each week, and so Mrs. L must have been purloining it. Monday July 2nd Have established for Robinson in 637 as [?] caretaker. He is to scrub front and yard and keep the people off of steps. He is also whitewashing cellars, which [?] left undone. I am to pay him for this, and $1.00 a month for caretaking. I assumed the rent collecting for myself today having discussed Miss [D?]s [Page 2] on Thursday. I found her rent book and the receipt books in a most hopeless bundle. She has quite confused the payments being due on such a date and them being made for the week ending [?] another. I shall have to see her, and have it straightened out if possible. Fisher and Clayton must [?] necessarily behind. [Waples?] [Gibson?] and [Derby?] also too [?]. A friend of Mrs. Waples and her little girl are speaking Sunday there, and wanted to rent room No. 4. Mrs. Addie Wilson -- at present a cook in the [?] [?] / Mrs. [?] Superintendant / Her husband works in Phila. They have been separated on account of work (!) but now he asks her to come and live with him. Mrs. Fisher very angry and upset about rents. Lectured Clayton and Riley very decidedly. [Page 3] Spoke also of cleaning, and gave a new [broom?] to Mrs. Waples for the yard. A visit this eve- ning from [Rodanan?] Paul. He thinks it would be unwise to [?] acting against O’Brien or [Heuritt?] without strong evidence. [Page 4] 2nd floor back 516 Lo. 7th . ^ She says Katy Clayton is office there. I asked her to have a care of Katy to try and guard her, and to let me know if she thinks anything is going wrong. I talked on Saturday to James Gallagher. He says he lives at 112 Union St. with his brother / [illegible] says she used to live at Caroline’s / He has an older vagabond brother who is always about St. [Mary?] Street, and a younger one - who [seems?] [illegible] too Though he is only a boy. I tried to find why he [illegible] about so much and spoke of Katy. He is well educated, and well dressed, and I [illegible] him [illegible] be in other surroundings. He was in a [illegible] of war for three years. Tuesday July 3. Application from Ida Harriet wife of Wm Harriet [Page 5] now living at 511 Hirst Street. Land lord James Mc [illegible] 10th & Christian sts. She works for Mrs Randolph 19th & Spruce St(?) And at 2nd & Race sts. He is a [illegible]. Shall let them take the Watson’s home and then will inquire about them. Very respectable looking young woman, but she probably drinks, Knew of the room through Katy Clayton [whom?] She knows slightly _ Went to the Jones’ in [illegible] St. to-day, about some friends of theirs who applied for room and then never came to see about it again I [illegible] [inference?]. It is dangerous to ask too much of them for then they do not [illegible] [illegible]. A man named Green-leaf applied from 517 So. 7th. I told him to come back the next day with his wife. When I went to inquire why he did not, they said I would find his wife at [Nancy?] [Page 6] Brown’s and to ask for Sally Harris. I did not do so, but perhaps I ought to inquire more, [illegible] take them even if they are so flagrantly bad. Also James Robinson a good kind of man came. I said I wanted to see the wife who has been away from him at work (? / for some time, but she is a [strikethrough] cah [/strikethrough] white woman I hear, and a pretty bad [lot?] as he [strikethrough] hear [/strikethrough] even cannot find her. I told him I did not want a man alone. The Jones’ friends have taken a room in Hirst Street, which is a pity. [underlined]Robert C [Debuque?] [/underlined] 723 Lombard St applied for rooms in new house when it opens. July [strikethrough] 2 [/strikethrough] 5th Did not stay very long found very little money waiting for me as I Expected after the 4th [Page 7] is [illegible] all about to-day [illegible] up by her [page 40] cannot pay and I don’t know quite what to do. When I first took Miss D’s place I scolded away, but I am beginning to think she really has paid her possible. One week she [???] her shoes for me, & to-day she had been traipsing all over to try & get the money from her sons. In the other house her daughter paid I fancy. The boys are supposed to give her 50 cts a week apiece, making $1.50 but they don’t seem to & she has to feed Katy. I really am fond of her, & she ought to have a cheaper room. Fisher now has lumbago she says & has been to a doctor. She was very quiet on the bed, & Rebecca Irene & Sarah were with her. Nearly all have had Cholera moribus and I [page 41] On Thursday she was cleaning a very big fish after I was in her room & I suspected He said he had left $1.25 on Thurs. And then she began Such a tantrum of rage. I fleed and so did he soon but she followed down stairs and all the while I was trying to Explain his [book] to [Druby] she was sream- ing and cursing & ranting. When I left she was quiet but I wanted to tell Fisher & to tell him before her so that there might be no cause for her saying that there was any inter Course between us. Then I saw Joe Robinson. told him I had decided that if he married the white girl he cannot stay. Also that I do not want the two women to go there to see him. [page 42] If they do not, he may stay until Sept. but she can- not go there to live. I can’t help visiting him, yet he is a darkey. had a brother from the Church upstairs with him & an open Bible in his hand. I said com- plaints had been made. He asked if Miss Whitaker were one, & when I said Yes he informed me that the man who was with Mrs. W. so much stays so much at her house has a nice little wife & family up town! Monday. Mrs. [Waples] said she saw Addie Nixon in the street do-day. A good report from [Gallen]. All quiet. Riley baby has been sick. On [set]. Mrs. Riley had him baptized by Mrs. Cope’s mis- sion. a lady doing it. She [page 43] I do wish there were some chance of her doing differently but I am afraid its useless to try. I have been very worried lest she should get our house into a scrape. Mrs. [Druby] Sleepy drunk but paid her rent and went to bed [???] very quiet. Saturday 21st. Met Mary Harding I had sent her a postal & been trying to see her since I heard she got the $5,000 pension. I tried to persuade her to invest it. She has, she says, that is she has lent it to a “friend” who pays her 6% with out security. I told her she must get a mortgage or some thing. She was with Harding but says they have parted company & that he has asked for nothing. I hope she will come again to see me. [page 44] Served a notice to leave by the 30th or new tenants & wrote a note also Explaining putting the Envelope under the door. Heard great up- roar & found Rebecca in a passion of fury against her sister. the widow Clark standing like a statue, but ready to get mad at R or someone. She soon quieted down after Priscilla Brown had departed. Clark was very generous with [bananas] his boss had given him. The boss has just had [???] after being married 7 years with no family & he & Rebecca are [sharing] the triumph with real interest. I then went into Fisher’s room [neared] but resolved to let him know that Mrs. F. has Given me $1.00 each week [page 45] The [understanding]. Mrs. Bond present also and I showed him the premises. Told Clayton she ought to have Katy ar- rested when she beats her. Mrs. Haines, a man & woman appeared. He left & I told her she could not have more company. She said she would have them. & I hope there will be no trouble. I Wrote to Mr. Deringer, 1530 Spruce who was once their landlord, and he left a message here simply not to rent to them. I have been fearing that she meant just to use this room as a shield in case 511 Hirst is pulled. She has hardly been in it since she took it. and I have feared that there might be trouble. She said I had told her there must be no disorder, no drunkenness [page 46] no swearing, but that she had made no agreement not to have company and she would always have company wherever her house was. Her husband always has his friends Sundays Etc. I think there was a pack of cards on the shelf & I almost wish I had given her notice to-day. The room looks so attractive too much so to be right. 3 lovely pots of flowers on the window. I saw her on Mon- day at her sister’s at 511. Where she paid the rent. She has no stove in the room, and did not then seem to mean to cook there at all. I said if she [???] from us, she must make it her home, and perhaps that is why she was there to-day. She is a really intelligent young woman and