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Edith Madeira papers

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Date created 1900-1951 (bulk 1917-1919)
Creators Edith Madeira
Abstract These papers offer historians the opportunity to explore how women negotiated a place they were not supposed to be—the frontlines of war—in a profession that was not always recognized as such—nursing. Yet, Madeira was in a privileged position in relation to those she was helping. Much has been written about interactions between Progressive reformers and those whom they were trying to aid in the context of the United States. Madeira's papers—especially the several drafts of her report of her experiences—provide researchers with an opportunity to see what happened when a sensibility focused on efficiency and a certain brand of professionalism traveled abroad. In addition to commentary on the war, Madeira's report is replete with observations on Palestinian natives hired to work in the hospital, Armenian refugees, Africans, and others, all of whom she approached employing an Orientalist gaze.
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Geographical location State of Palestine, 31°57′25.39″N 35°13′54.213″W
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