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Letter from Mary Elizabeth Garrett to M. Carey Thomas, June 22, 1891

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Date created 1891-06-22
Creators Garrett, Mary Elizabeth, 1854-1915
Description Dearest Minnie, Even a few lines were beyond my power yesterday, for I went to church and was so exhausted that I could do nothing but sleep in all the spare moments for the rest of the day. It is needless to say that I did not want to go, as it was simply the English service held in a schoolhouse, but I could not have helped it without making a great point of it. After this episode, (with only a long bench minus even a preface of a back), we went into the garden where all the world of Bergen, high and low, promenades after church and listens to a military band and then back to the yacht, where I at least slept till early dinner and then again until tea-time which was 5:30 or later. Then on shore again, just too late to get into the museum, but we drove up to the top of a hill about a thousand feet high with the most lovely views before us all the time and only got back to the yacht at 9:30 just as the sun was setting on this, the longest day of the year, to supper. This morning we were to make an early start going 4 ½ hours by train and then driving for 6 hours to Gutrangen where the yacht was to meet us, but alas a sea-fog came up last night and we are enveloped in it, and so shall miss one of the most beautiful excursions in Norway. You must come to Norway. The people are pleasant and friendly and the country quiet as wonderful as it is claimed to be. It is very aggravating to be here for so short a time, for the distances are great and in our 17 or 18 days we cannot do a great deal, but it is beautiful to do even so much and I feel as if I were only spying out the land and that I should like to come next year for the whole summer and get all the way to the North Cape. We were 6 ½ days in getting to Stravanger, as we stopped at Oban and 2 days at Streonway, and then seized a favorable opportunity for crossing the North Sea, coming in only for the heavy swell that followed a gale, with a clear sky. A day in Stravanger, one in Odde at the head of a fjord, from where we made a most beautiful excursion driving to a splendid waterfall, then crossing a small lake and going up to a glacier, I on a pony, the rest on foot. Until we finished these shores I had (as I usually do at sea at least some days) to sleep a great deal, so that I missed some find scenery, but here in Norway I have not been overcome until yesterday, being stimulated I suppose by the climate. The nights are wonderful and it is very difficult to make up one’s mind to leave the desk at 11 or 11:30, when it is still broad daylight, and it does not get dark at all during the night. This is the first letter I have written since I wrote you last and if possible I feel lazier than ever. I get up for 9 o’clock breakfast, which is a great advance on my London habits and have only missed one morning, when I felt too miserably. One terrible headache I have had too but only one, so I think I have done pretty well. The boat is going with the mail, so I must close this hurriedly. I was disappointed at finding no letter here, but possibly they may bring me back. Lovingly yours, Mary E.G.
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Subjects Thomas, M. Carey (Martha Carey), 1857-1935 | Garrett, Mary Elizabeth, 1854-1915 | Female friendship | Women--Education | Voyages and travels
Geographical location Bergen (Norway); Baltimore (Md.)
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