In Her Own Right

Mercy-Douglass Hospital Records

Date created 1896-01-01 | 1977-01-01
Creator Mercy-Douglass Hospital
Abstract This collection documents the intersections of efficiency and respectability among African Americans in the Progressive-era medical field. (Indeed, a portion of nurses' transcripts was even referred to as the "efficiency record.") Students were to be well-educated and of good moral character (and were required to provide letters of recommendation testifying to this effect), neat, clean, and of pleasing appearance, and both obedient and assertive. Drawing on these values gave young black women a way of exercising agency, even as they were class-specific.
Size 26 lf
Geographical location 15th and Lombard St. Philadelphia, PA
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Contributing institution Barbara Bates Center for the Study of the History of Nursing | University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing
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