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Emily Greene Balch Papers

Date created 1842-01-01 – 1961-01-01
Creators Emily Greene Balch (1867-1961)
Abstract Before she became a peace activist, Emily Greene Balch was a member of Bryn Mawr's first graduating class (1889). Materials from this part of her life include letters to friends and family members, appointment books, lists of contacts, and occasional observations on issues like labor conditions and economic inequality. Later autobiographical writing also attributes her political awakening to her time at Bryn Mawr.
Description The significance of this collection to the current project largely depends on how parameters are defined. Balch was connected to Philadelphia because she was educated at Bryn Mawr, and materials from her years there do some shed light on how she became the activist that she did. However, other collections can likely make this connection in a stronger way. Materials from later in her life have a higher research value.
Research interest The papers of Emily Greene Balch, the second U.S. woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize (1946), contain her diaries (1876-1955, scattered), journals (c. 1894-1948, scattered) and notebooks, all of which provide autobiographical background. Correspondence to and from Balch spans the years from 1875 until her death in 1961. A gap from 1907 until 1913 may have been caused by a fire at Wellesley in 1914, when many papers were destroyed. A considerable amount of important correspondence (1920-c. 1941) relates to the affairs of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), an international organization which Balch led for many years. Her writings (1884-1956) include articles and speeches--some published, others in manuscript, draft, or note form--as well as letters to the editor, book reviews, poems, a song, and research notes. There are many writings pertaining to Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF). Some books written by Balch are not microfilmed but can be found in the Swarthmore College Peace Collections library.
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