In Her Own Right

Letter from Sarah Mapps Douglass to Rebecca White 1858 December 19

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Date created 1658-12-19
Creators Douglass, S. M. (Sarah Mapps), 1806-1882
Subjects Douglass, S. M. (Sarah Mapps), 1806-1882 | White, Rebecca, -1906 | Friendship | Quaker women | Across Racial Lines
Geographical location Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States 39.952584, -75.165222
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Contributing institution Haverford College Library, Quaker & Special Collections
Transcription Philada 12th mo 19th/58 Dear Rebecca I thank thee for thy kind note and should have replied to it earlier, but I wished to send thee some record of my lecture. I had but a small [crowd?] say about twenty most those who attended last year having gone to the Anti-Slavery Fair. George Ellington and his wife and their daughter Rebecca were present. [pg. 1] Edith Ellington is an old friend of my precious mother. They said they were much interested. Their presence encouraged me much. Dear R, I can readily forgive thee for having lost the paper it was no fault of thine, and if it had been, I could as freely forgive it as now. I have no copy, but I hope it may turn up one day. I thank thee for thy kind invitation but I shall not be able to accept it, as I have too much to do to leave home at this time. [pg. 2] I heartily rejoice to hear that thy health is improving, and I hope one day to see thee in my school room. The employment chosen for me by my dearest Mother has been a great blessing to me. May I be thankful. The old year is rapidly passing away. How solemn the sound of his retreating footsteps! Grace forever! May the new year bring to thee and to me, dear friend, new joys by bringing us nearer to our Heavenly father and friend. Farethee well Affy thine S.M.D.