In Her Own Right

William Stone letter to Martha Schofield

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Date created 1869-07-06
Creators Stone, William, 1842-1897
Description Major William Stone was a Union Army officer, Freedman's Bureau agent, and later served as Attorney General of South Carolina. He also married Martha Schofield's friend and co-teacher in Aiken, Mary Taylor Stone. He has a letter for Schofield from Major Emerson, who had done Schofield a favor. He is looking forward to being reunited with his fiance, Mary Taylor, and they will go to New England because he has received orders relieving him of his duties. He has had several recent speaking engagements where he has been talking to freedmen about education. He also discusses attending Fourth of July celebrations.
Size 9 pages
Type text
Subjects Freedmen--Education | Fourth of July celebrations | Stone, Mary Taylor, 1842-1926 | Schofield, Martha
Geographical location Louisville (Ky.); Darby (Pa.)
Language English
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Contributing institution Friends Historical Library: Swarthmore College
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