In Her Own Right

Letter from Sarah Mapps Douglass to Rebecca White 1876 march 27

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Date created 1876-03-27
Creators Douglass, S. M. (Sarah Mapps), 1806-1882
Subjects Douglass, S. M. (Sarah Mapps), 1806-1882 | White, Rebecca, -1906 | Women teachers | Across Racial Lines
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Contributing institution Haverford College Library, Quaker & Special Collections
Transcription "[p.1] Phila 3rd Mo. 27, 1876 Dear Rebecca, It has been very pleasant to me to sit beside thee so often, during the past winter. I only lament that my power of helping has been so small. Many times I should have turned away discouraged if I had not remembered the language of the poet, where he says “It matters not, in this little while Whether we work, or watch, or wait; So we fill the place He assigns us, Be its service small or great.” For my share of the good dispensed I am truly [p. 2] thankful. I think Betsy Gardener’s testimony to the value of the precious texts given to the mothers from week to week from thy own collection of texts should strengthen and encourage thee, my dear friend. She said the texts learned at those meetings had taught her sweet lessons of love and forgiveness for those who had deeply wronged her; and who, before she came to those meetings she thought she must ever hate. There, in that schoolroom, seemed the place of meeting with her precious Saviour, the dearest spot on earth. O, blessed and happy they; permitted to bring about [p. 3] such holy interviews. Surely great will be their reward in a coming day. I wanted to tell thee a little about myself. On the 11th of 11th Mo. 75 It was just 50 years since God called me to the [?] and honorable office of Teacher. It seemed on that day that my Heavenly Father was pleased to remember that I had [underlined]tried[/underlined], in much weakness to be sure, to be a faithful shepherdess to the lambs committed by Him to my keeping. On the morning of that day he graciously condescended to speak in the ear of my soul “Well done good and faithful servant, [p.4] thou hast been faithful in a little I will make thee ruler over more. Enter into the joy of thy Lord. There seems to be a spiritual [?] over me. The greeting surprised me, so unworthy did I feel myself to be. I carried with me the sweetness of it all day long, and for many days, I have many things to say to thee and yet, I cannot say them now. One thing I may say I feel unbounded gratitude to my Heavenly Father for my sweet quiet home. I have trials, but that are blessings in disguise. One of my old scholars, here on a visit from South Carolina, said [p.5] that she heard a person remark, (alluding to my suffering from Rheumatism and my being [underlined]obliged [/underlined] to go out every day rain or shine,) “Mrs. Douglass is draging out a miserable existence” O, said I eagerly, how she is mistaken! A miserable existence indeed! When I am doing the will of God concerning me! Doing the [underlined]work[/underlined] I [underlined]love[/underlined]; doing it with all my heart and soul and mind and strength!! Finding my rich reward in knowing my record is on high I have thoroughly enjoyed [written in margins of page 5] A deep feeling of thankfulness this afternoon for my home. “I thank thee Father that I live.”   [p. 6] Teaching this autumn and winter. Going out morning by morning, leaning on the strong arm of my invisible friend and reaching my schoolroom with thanksgivings and praises in my heart and on my lips. And now, my dear and precious friend, may “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God and the communion of the Holy Ghost be with thee now and ever. Amen. S. M. Douglass 4th Mo. 5. 75 [Written in the margins of page 6] I hope your dear [?] is in her usual health.   "