Helen Parrish Papers, Diaries, 1888, vol. 2

Date created 1888
Creator Parrish, Helen L.
Size 46
Type Manuscripts; Diaries
Subjects African Americans--Housing--Pennsylvania--Philadelphia | Housing rehabilitation--Pennsylvania--Philadelphia | Immigrants--Housing--Pennsylvania--Philadelphia | Public housing--Pennsylvania--Philadelphia | Social settlements | Slums | Tenement houses--Pennsylvania--Philadelphia | Working class--Dwellings | Labor movement--Dwellings | Labor--Dwellings | Parrish, Helen L., 1859-1942
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Transcription Helen Parrish Papers, Diaries, 1888, vol. 2 [Front Cover] Student’s Notebook [Verso] Items marked with red ink of interest - Those marked with blue are about tenants already dismissed [Page 1] [underlined]Mon - Aug 27[/underlined] - 1888 Book 2. Conversed with Powers about [Airs?] Gibson about saving Clayton about paying. Waples left word that he would not pay at all. So I told his wife he cared for. So many were out that I went back in the afternoon. Monday week[illegible] be payday - & I mean to go till I get the rents. I had a satisfactory talk with the new tenant of no 4, Henderson. He seems better class. Irene refused to hold converse. I think Gibson’s see priority & good breeding fall her, & makes her show her bad side more to others. I did not have time to grapple with her, as Derby Swearing & bad talking interrupted us. He had come home to find her so drunk she could hardly stand & he was very angry. I got him down stairs, he paid the week & I tried to make her p romise not to go back to her beer he went & finally I had [Page 2] to leave these to fight it out. Saw Fisher both he and she were very meek. She is too sick to [watch?] much poor thing, [illegible] I was lenient. Riley not home yet. [underlined]Wednes.[/underlined] Aug 29. Hannah’s letter Sent me down pretty well worked up - took Waples a notice to leave but did not leave it as he had left word he would pay. Found Riley. 9.30 & not gone. I talked to him Monday - hardly gave him a chance to defend himself though he had not enough spunk or too much courtesy to get angry. Poor Mary. She sat perfectly meek and cowed while I berated him. It appears he got a place last week through Clark at $9.00 a week, but as it was really $3.00 a day’s worth(!). Laughing [?] oyster shells he wished out of it somehow. Got a letter from [illegible] laying [page torn] [Page 3] give the Derbys notice to leave, or he will give up his position. He was up with them most of Monday night and they had high Tues. [illegible] I think she was in her room today but I could not get in. I have written to Louisa Williams her mother in Media. After this I went up to 637 - Katy Clayton helping me with keys etc. Had various applications - Katy was very nice until at the End I attacked her about working & helping to pay the rent. She left me in a very unfriendly mood. I gave her 10 cents for helping me. I felt that there was no use interviewing Waples. He is not sufficiently civilized. If he pays as he so well can, he can stay for his wife’s sake. He is not at home enough to make it necessary to dismiss. There is his account I think. Ida Hamies paid me a [Page 4] long call & finally asked weekly if I would consider letting her have a room. She has moved into the upper [illegible] many which is a great relief. [underlined]Thursday[/underlined] 30, Derby still out. Gibson left his money with Clark for me. I thought it was back rent in addition to what I [illegible] was to give me, but it proved to be this week’s which he had taken from her as they are not on leases[illegible]. She was very pleasant with me. Green had the service place and through I left a letter for her about the yard it has not been touched. Mary Riley seems wretched. I want Harry to go to Kindly[illegible] [illegible] but his father objects. She still uses a bucket for the children in spite of all I say, and it often smells very badly (??) I told her that Harry & Bernice are old enough to go down stairs & that at any rate - [Page 5] she must have a tin bucket (?) Fisher had nothing $ day. She seemed better. Week back later - found Derby who has been at work both yesterday & to-day. Told her she must go & have a long talk while I waited till after 6.30 hoping he would come in. He did not, so I left the notice. I would quarrel before for nothing on Sat. & Cal [illegible] on Monday night. She has not been at work while I was away she said. I think it is best for them to go. She seemed penitent & willowed[illegible] and gentle & rough all together - poor thing with her bruised eye and dirty gaps[illegible]. As soon as she drinks she becomes perfectly uncontrolled and terribly outspoken and swearing. He grows angry & drinks too and yet when they are sober they are gentle and nice enough. Last week on the 24th I think Robinson moved out of 637. I had understood he would stay the month out [Page 6] & would give Agnes the rest of the rent. I had paid him for some work he did & the $1.00 discount (it really amounted to that) for general change of the building. I [illegible] that he should keep the front clean but he don’t seem to have done that. He thus had given me 4.25 out of The 6.00. It was not very accurate or business like, but our arrangement about the time he should stay was vague. I told he might stay the month out if he worked. So i guess he did not do wrong to go before. I got Here. It perhaps right to have here different on my part. [underlined]Aug 31[/underlined] Friday found Green at home in a filthy home his wife has been out working by the week. And i talked roundly about the home & yard. He had $19.00 in his pocket and I begged him to go to the saving fund with me & open an account. He said he [Page 7] would need work! I helped but he wanted to deposit more he said and must go to sleep this morning. Gave Riley