In Her Own Right

Letter from Sarah Mapps Douglass to Rebecca White

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Date created unknown
Creators Douglass, S. M. (Sarah Mapps), 1806-1882
Subjects Smith, Jane | White, Rebecca, - 1906 | Blood--circulation | Friendship | Quaker women | Across Racial Lines
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Contributing institution Haverford College Library, Quaker & Special Collections
Transcription [n.d.] My dear Rebecca, Thy friendly letter was sweetly refreshing and strength-ning to me. I feel a deep concern that I may be found worthy of all the kindnesses I receive. May our Heavenly Father return thee a thousand fold, all thou has done unto me for his sake. En-closed I send a note from Jane Smith, I think it may encourage thee. The incident to which she refers is this. A gay young laday, a Hixiite friend who attended my first lecture in speaking [p. 2] of it said that she liked particularly its religious aspect. This was a great comfort to Jane, as she has taken a deep interest in my spiritual welfare for a long time. I gave my third lecture on the circulation of the blood, on last Fifth day afternoon. I had what I considered a good company, 38 deeply interested women. This lecture yielded me 3 Dollars and 50 cents, a small increase, as much perhaps as my Heavenly Father thinks I can be trusted with at present. May his ever blessed name be praised, and [3rd page missing]