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Dora Kelly Lewis correspondence

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Date created 1884-01-01 – 1921-01-01
Creators Dora Kelly Lewis
Abstract Dora Kelly Lewis served actively in the suffrage movement. She became an executive member of the National Woman's Party in 1913, served as the chairman of finance in 1918, and as the national treasurer in 1919. In 1920, she headed the ratification committee. The correspondence of Dora Kelly Lewis consists of encouraging and endearing letters from her husband, Lawrence Lewis, 1884-1903, reporting on his legal practice and commenting on Dora's suffragist activities. Letters from 1914-1921 are, for the most part, from Dora to her children and her mother. Several 1917 and 1919 letters detail picketing, watchfires, and other demonstrations, as well as the arrests and imprisonment that followed. Letters from 1919-20 discuss her travels as she worked to convince state legislatures to ratify the Nineteenth Amendment. There are a few typed diary pages. These letters document her efforts in gaining the franchise for women.
Research interest A tremendously important collection, especially for students who may not be aware of the sacrifices suffragists made and the poor treatment they received. Beyond the visible drama of arrests and imprisonment, Lewis's letters also document the long, slow work of organizing.
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Geographical location Philadelphia, PA, USA
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