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1. Edward H. Magill letter to Friend

Creator: Magill, Edward H. (Edward Hicks), 1825-1907
Date Created: 1904-01-01 - 1906-01-01

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2. T. Atkinson Jenkins letter to Anna M. Jackson

Creator: Jenkins, T. Atkinson (Thomas Atkinson), 1868-1935
Date Created: 1910-09-07

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3. David Newport letter to a friend

Creator: Newport, David, 1822-1911
Date Created: 1904-07-26

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4. Charles W. Eliot letter to Anna M. Jackson

Creator: Eliot, Charles William, 1834-1926
Date Created: 1909-08-14

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5. William Irvin Lawrance letter to Anna M. Jackson

Creator: Lawrance, William Irvin, 1853-1935
Date Created: 1913-07-23

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6. Graceanna Lewis letter to her cousin

Creator: Lewis, Graceanna, 1821-1912
Date Created: 1890-11-18

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7. Lucretia Mott letter

Creator: Mott, Lucretia, 1793-1880
Date Created: 1872-03-16

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8. Lucretia Mott letter to Martha Mott Lord; Martha Mellor letter to Lucretia Mott

Creator: Mott, Lucretia, 1793-1880
Date Created: 1870-02-02

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9. Lydia A. Schofield, Samuel S. Ash, and Sarah J. Ash letters to Martha Schofield

Creator: Schofield, Lydia A. (Lydia Ann), 1835-1909
Date Created: 1867-02-24

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10. Edward Hopper letter to Maria Mott Davis

Creator: Hopper, Edward, 1812-1893
Date Created: 1882-07-31