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1. Ella B. Morris to Rachel Bodley

Creator: Morris, Ella B.
Date Created: 1887-10-10

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2. Rachel Bodley to Miss Harris

Creator: Bodley, Rachel L.
Date Created: 1888-07-29

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3. E. Clark to Rachel Bodley

Creator: Clark, E.
Date Created: 1850-01-01 - 1920-01-01

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4. Alice G. Bryant to Rachel Bodley

Creator: Bryant, Alice G. (Alice Gertrude), 1862-
Date Created: 1888-02-17 - 1888-04-22

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5. Mary E. Jones to Rachel Bodley

Creator: Jones, Mary E.
Date Created: 1888-02-17

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6. C. A. Purtle to Rachel Bodley

Creator: Purtle, C. A.
Date Created: 1888-11-05

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7. Elvira S. Barney to Rachel Bodley

Creator: Barney, Elvira S.
Date Created: 1880-02-26

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8. Correspondence from faculty of Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania reporting examination scores

Creator: Keen, William W. (William Williams), 1837-1932
Date Created: 1888-05-04 - 1888-05-18

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9. Alfred Jones to the faculty of Woman's Medical College Of Pennsylvania

Creator: Jones, Aflred
Date Created: 1886-09-14

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10. Lizzie A. Mravlag to Miss Bodley

Creator: Mravlag, Lizzie A.
Date Created: 1883-06-18